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Family Experience

When you look back upon your visit to Notodden with your family, you will treasure the experiences you had together here. Everything within a short distance, so easy and simple to enjoy.


Notodden Waterland

Experience the fun of recreation on the open water

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Notodden Waterland

Experience the fun of recreation on the open water!
Notodden Waterland opens this year in 2023, at Nesøya Marina, with a variety of fun water-based activities where you can explore and enjoy the Telemark Fjord – also known locally at Lake Heddal. Situated at the end of The Telemark Canal, the Eastern route, the conditions here are normally pleasant on a lake that is easily navigable. 


Now you and your friends and family can explore and experience the fresh lake and the mountain air with very affordable rentals. We are green on the blues waters as well, so we only offer electric and environmentally friendly offers, great for going out the sandy beaches of the nature reserve Sem Islands


Good green fun

Our electric boat has an electric outboard motor by the Norwegian company Kicker – we are offering one of the few such electric boat rentals in Scandinavia.  We also offer the unique quality canoe made in Notodden, the Nokan. 


We also have stand up paddleboards (SUP), a kayak, and a paddle boat (for two). If you are up for it, you should try our electric surfboard – you may stand up on it or lay down (see below for more information). Life preservers are required, and we supply them free of charge.


You can meet your host Halvor right down the street from the Burger King restaurant on the Nesøya dock, close to the Notodden town beach. If you get hungry we can offer a special combo with our neighbours, Sunanta’s Thai Food and ”Herligheten”, with real Telemark ice cream.


Contact us, reserve your spot!

You can also reserve your experience - AND a discount if you pay beforehand. We also have a special “Action Package Offer”.  You may also pay on site with card, ApplePay/GooglePay or Vipps. Sorry, we do not take cash.


For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to

Notodden Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf - Fresh air and family fun

This is true family fun. Get your discs from us and see we is the best frisbee golfer at Lisleherad!


 Frisbee golf is a growing sport that anyone can participate in. Enjoyable, relaxing, and a great way to get out – and have a nice healthy competition. The concept is based on the rules of golf and is all about throwing a frisbee from a starting point and hitting a basket at the other end of the court in the fewest possible throws.


The principles of Frisbee golf are simple. After the first throw, you walk to were the frisbee lies, and take your next throw. Whoever is furthest from the basket is the next to take their turn. Continue throwing from where the frisbee is, until the frisbee is in the basket. You then note the number of throws and move on to the next "hole".


Challenges and Opportunities

The challenges include controlling the Frisbee's hovering curve against the obstacles and difficulties of the course. The course's difficulties also consist of the length of the hole and obstacles in the form of trees, water, bushes and differences in height. When it blows, the wind will make it even more challenging and exciting.


Join us for a fun family and friends activity. We have frisbees of different sizes available that that you can enjoy a round of Frisbee Golf as Lisleherad. 


Located just on the outskirts of Notodden, it is easy to get here. For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196. Or send us an email to

Sem Nature Reserve

An electric boat tour to remember 

Just upstream from the town of Notodden you will find an astounding beauty where the land meets the river Heddøla. Welcome to the Sem Island nature reserve (Semsøyene), a special place you will remember for a long, long time.


Truly a part of the natural environment, you can rent an electric boat, the canoe or use the paddle board to get there from Nesøya Marina, Notodden. Or you can walk the primeval-looking forest path from Notodden Camping and out into the sandy beaches of the Sem Islands peninsula.


There, adults may walk over to the first island, called “Crete”. And you literally walk into the Heddal Lake and the Telemark Fjord – the next stop is the ocean and Denmark. The Heddal Lake is just 16 meters above sea level, created by an ocean that receded only some 3,000 years age during the Bronze Age.


Rock Art from the Bronze Age

Hence, we have local Rock Art from the Bronze Age depicting ocean going boats and people, very similar to what you can see in France. Ask us for a special tour of the Rock Art, we will certainly do our best to help you).


The sandy beaches of the nature reserve Sem Islands (Semsøyene) is something special that you will remember for a long time. For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196. Or send us an email to

Photos courtesy of Daniel Karlsen

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Heddal Sports Park

The world’s favorite sport – and new ones! 

To complete your sporting experience, try one of the three new outdoor Paddleball Courts in Heddal Sports Park, Vidarvoll. Paddelball is the fastest growing sport in the world, and you have probably never seen such a beatiful court. Play one-by-one or two-by-two outdoors with a view to the Himingen Mountain and the scenic Telemark landscape around you. We will help you reserve the court and we rent you paddle rackets as well. 


At the prize-winning Heddal Sports Park, you can also play basketball outdoors at the new basketball court (soft ground), in addition to Beach Volleyball and football/soccer (artificial grass). There is a climbing wall as well and a small climbing park (also suited for children/youngsters), a ping pong table (we have rackets for you), and a playground for young children.  


Contact us for your day of sporting experiences!
Put together a sporting day you will not soon forget. For an action-packed memorable day, you can experience a taste of different sports all in the same area just outside of Notodden.


For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to about Heddal Sports Park and our collection of Sporting Experiences. 

H Sports
Meet the Troll

At home in the Wild Telemark

Trolls are legendary creatures well-known to people throughout the world. They are often thought of as angry, violent, even feasting upon humans. Legend also has it that trolls disappeared from Norway sometime in the past. We know this is not true. 


We also know that trolls are very often misunderstood. Trolls are actually shy and withdrawn, preferring to live alone or in small families. Often a father and his daughter or a mother and son living far up in the mountains, rocks and caves.


This is what is special about the Wild Telemark. There are so many hiding places for trolls that they have never had a reason to leave.  Most of the trolls in the Wild Telemark live farther up in the mountains, in the deep isolated valleys of Hjartdal and in the crevices and canyons found all around Gaustatoppen to the north. These trolls spend their lives hiding and staying away from view, for the most part.

The Mountain Troll and the Heddal Stave Church

According to the official legend, the mountain troll Finn built the Heddal Stave Church. Much later, one of Norway’s greatest painters, Theodor Kittelsen, painted the troll when he was in Heddal in 1907. Kittelsen featured trolls in his famous series of paintings pictured here, so important to Norwegian cultural heritage.


Now you can meet the troll’s off-spring – Finn Jr. The young mountain troll happens to speak excellent English and loves to tell tales. Finn’s favorite story is to tell the tale tells of how five farmers from Heddal made plans for a church, and then his father took it upon himself to build it.

Meet Finn Jr.

We have found that trolls can be very good storytellers if you can keep calm and do not stress them.  We are in direct contact with Finn Jr. and are confident we can arrange a meeting between you and this very colourful – and friendly, troll. 

For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to

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Alpakka Glamping and Camping

Glamour Camping with the Alpaca

Welcome to Alpaca Glamping (“Glamorous Camping”), where you will find a different kind of camping for those who like to live in luxury tents and get to know alpacas better. Visitors can also take part in a one-hour visitor walk, spending time with and feeding the alpacas.


Alpacas are social herd animals that live in family groups, alpacas can sometimes be somewhat feisty, but they can also be very gentle, intelligent, and extremely observant. For the most part, alpacas are very quiet.

For those who have not been “glamping” before, this is the best way to begin. You will have a luxury tent (180 x 200 cm) including bed linen and towel set up at the water’s edge where you share the tranquility with the alpacas.

Ancient Traditions

There have been permanent residents here in Busnes as far back as the 13th century. It was – and is – the perfect place to set up camp. Lake Tinn offers excellent fishing and the surrounding forests good hunting opportunities.

At the farm where you find Alpakka Glamping and Camping, sheep have been raised here on the farm for years, and in 2018 5 alpacas were brought in. Gradually, the entire herd of sheep was replaced by more alpacas. These are calm and simple animals give the sustainable balance to this wonderful farmland location.


What you will experience - Glamorous Camping

  • Luxury tent - right down by the water's edge

  • 2 large sun loungers + 2 chairs with table

  • Double beds with frame mattress, including bed linen

  • Electric fan oven, coffee machine, kettle and lamps

  • Fire pan (wood, barbecue charcoal and lighter bag are available at the service center)

  • Power for charging data and phone

  • Bedspreads, woolen rugs, sheepskin and floor rugs.

  • Cooling bag for storing cold drinks/food

  • Fire extinguisher

Our tents are of high quality and are placed on wooden planking with a veranda that looks out over the water. The tents are furnished with electricity and a fan oven, which provides a good and comfortable indoor environment.


We look forward to telling and showing you more. Join us at Alpakka Glamping and Camping!


Located in Busnes, midway between Notodden and Rjukan along Tinnsjøvegen (Tinn Lake Road). For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196. Or send us an email to

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