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Relaxing Experience 

Here in Notodden and the surrounding nature you will find unique experiences that will enrich, fulfill, invigorate and bring you back to your better self. Take a deep breath and enjoy the experiences.


Yoga Paradise

Relax and get away!

Yoga Paradise 

Relax and get away!

When you really want to relax and get away, Telemark Yoga in Siljudalen is the place to be. You can get Weekend weekend retreats price with from 4 900 NOK per person all meals and accommodation included. Or you can have a special drop-in, for an hour or two.


Experience your yoga adventure at a quiet farm from the 18th century, deep in the mountains of Telemark. Nearly 3 miles to the closest road - only pure nature & peace of mind. Breathe the pristine clear air some 1500 feet above the sea level. In an area open and inviting, relax and socialize with others, or use the forest and mountains to walk, letting your body and mind roam. Try the new saun at the river creek. You might sleep over in the barn with the modern fascilities, or you might rent the local cottage at the farm.


Your 2023 Summer Retreat

Your yoga guide in July 2023 is Jannicke Wiel, who has studied yoga for eight years in the mountains of India and is the author of Yogamagi (2023). She will introduce you to the yoga you need to recreate yourself – to start brand new. 


Organic and/or vegetarian food from a local farm are included. You are free to use the new barrel sauna, which is situated next to a small waterfall and a mountain creek pool. It is also possible to stay over at the small hut, built in 1764.


About Telemark Yoga

Telemark yoga is run by Tone and Eivind, who inherited Siljudalen Søndre a few years ago.  In the renovated barn you will find 10 single bedrooms and 2 double bedrooms. The teaching will take place in a calm atmosphere with up to 14 participants who live in the barn. In the barn you will also find an open kitchen where food is served, a yoga room, a health bar/reception, toilets and showers. 

For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to

Sauna on the Lake

Dugg Sauna – “Dew Sauna” 

The Dugg Sauna is literally situated on the fjord, floating on water just below the Book and Blues House in downtown Notodden. Enjoy the scenic view of the Telemark Fjord while you get hot, and afterwards, you might take a dive in the Heddal Lake.


How about an invigorating yet relaxing start – or end - to your day? Even in the coldest of winter weather, there is one place in particular on Notodden that spreads warmth all year round – here at the Dew Sauna


Experience the sunrise or the sunset at Heddalsvannet while you enjoy a traditional Nordic sauna, before you jump into the lake and take a swim. You will never forget the beauty of Telemark after this experience.


The Dugg Sauna is there for you as you like – after a long run through the World Heritage town, or after a wonderful dip in the lovely Heddal Lake, you can enjoy the view from our warm sauna.


We call that fresh as the morning dew! 


About Dugg Sauna

Dugg Sauna has room for 10 people and is open every day from 07:00 – 21:00, a nice place for friends, colleagues or family who want to spend quality time together. You can book the entire sauna for one hour and three quarters for NOK 850. 

We are also more than happy to open for visits outside opening hours or on special occasions. For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196. Or send us an email to

Photos courtesy of Daniel Karlsen.

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Spa and Massage

Pamper yourself!

Get the relaxing special treatment you deserve right here at Spa og Velvære AS in downtown Notodden. 

We offer you the chance to lay back and relax. We offer women's and men's hairdressing, skin care, foot care, classic massage, aromatherapy, manicure and nail design, electrolysis, eyelash styling and extensions, and more. 

Do you want to get a little extra sun to top off your tan? We got you covered in our modern tanning booths.


We also carry well-known product brands such as Frøya Makeup, Bitchn & Brows Matrix, Moroccon oil, Academie, Sothys Paris, TL Design and Renati.


Rejuvenate, renew, refresh.

We opened our doors 1994 and for many years had been based at Brattrein Hotell just outside the city centre. Then In 2013, we also opened a salon in nice premises next to Torvet in Løkkagården, right in the center of Notodden. 


Spa og Velvære AS has 6 employees who are up-to-date and engaged in their individual specialties. We arrange all treatments individually for both face and body. Our hairdressers and stylists are happy to help the whole family with the right colors and hairstyle.


We welcome you to the world of wellness. Photos courtesy of Daniel Karlsen.


For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here​ or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to

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